Eine electrology/esthetics institute of NE school code: 038593


The Electrology Institute of NE

was Established in 1987

The Electrology Institute of NE, a division of EINE Electrology/Esthetics Institute of NE, has been under the same management since 1987. The Institute has distinguished itself by dedication to training excellence in the field of permanent hair removal. Our graduates go on to open successful businesses throughout the United States. They are a constant source of referrals for our school and for which we are very proud and grateful.

Take Control of Your Future

Joy is the by-product of a meaningful life. Doing what you do best and looking for ways to serve others opens the gateway to joy and self-respect.


EINE Electrology/Esthetics Institute of NE Mission Statement

Electrology Institute of NE is a nationally accredited career-oriented educational institution dedicated to excellence in the teaching of permanent Electro-Epilation and Skin Care - the Science of Results. Our goal is to provide high standard classroom and hands-on clinical training, which will enable graduates to start a rewarding career in the field of electrolysis and esthetics.

Our Core Values

Enthusiasm, Cooperation, Communication, Mutual Respect, and Trust

Student Clinic for Electroloysis and Laser Treatments

All work performed at EINE Electrology/Esthetics Institute of NE, is done by closely supervised students.  We offer Electrology, Laser and IPL Hair Removal treatments.  Our clinic is impecable and meets both ANSI and CDC required regulations.  Our Clinic Hours are;

Monday - Thursday: 9:30AM - 4:00PM

Friday: Clinic Closed

Our equipment is state of the art. We offer thermolysis, blend and galvanic treatments, depending on which works best for you.  Electrology Treatment Cost; 15min-1hour = $20


We own our Class IV Laser in our Electrology/Laser Clinic.  We have fair and realistic prices and ask you call to make an appointment for a free consultation.  At this time pricing will be available to you.


We have excellent pricing for our clinic clients.  We ask you come in for a free consultation, at this time cost will be available to you.