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Continuing Education

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*AEA, Pre-Approved Courses

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Certificate printout available upon completion!

Alternative Uses for Your Epilator... 1 CEU ($20)

The skincare industry has long used galvanic current in performing a saponification (cleaning of the pilosebaceous unit) and also in use for penetration of nutrients into the skin. The same benefits can be accomplished with your galvanic/blend portion of the epilator.

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Probes & Clinical Equipment... 1 CEU ($20)

Discussion of the various styles, shapes, sizes and materials used in the manufacturing of probes — the smallest tool yet one of the most important tools the electrologists uses in her daily work. Discussion on all of the classic variations in magnifiers, illuminators, treatment tables, and technician chairs available to allow the electrologists stamina and ease of performance.

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*Eyebrow Shaping... 3 CEUs ($60)

Eyebrow shaping with use of electrology. Anatomy of the eyebrow, the four basic face shapes, proper eyebrow placement and tools used for eyebrow shaping.

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*Physiology of Hair... 3 CEUs ($60)

The principal structure and functions of the hair.

*Physiology of Skin... 3 CEUs ($60)

The principal layers of the skin, structure and functions of the skin.

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*Basic Dermatology... 3 CEUs ($60)

Familiarizing yourself with the conditions/diseases of the skin can assist you in knowing when to treat a client or when it is necessary for you to refer a client to a dermatologist.

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*Endocrinology... 3 CEUs ($60)

Discussion of the entire endocrine system with focus on glands responsible for excessive hair growth. Ferriman and Gallwey Chart used for clinical assessment for body and hair growth in women.

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State Requirements for Relicensing

Many States have continuing education requirements mandatory for relicensing. The Institute holds seminars to assist in fulfilling these requirements. Classes usually run for three (3) hours @ $20.00 per module hour. The following are some workshops available:

*Sterilization & AEA Standards for Electrology... 3 Hours ($60)

Fulfills Complete State Requirement — Changes in AEA sterilization standards as of 2007. New information regarding proper ultrasonic cleaning protocol, believe it or not, there are variables to be considered when cleaning instruments in your ultrasonic, also, repair and new products that will help in the upkeep of your instruments and equipment.

*Proper Positioning Techniques... 3 Hours ($60)

A slide presentation of proper and comfortable positioning so that effective results-oriented treatments can be delivered and achieved. The benefits of practicing the Alexander Technique of relaxation/posture will be demonstrated. This technique has helped many professionals in various disciplines achieve endurance in their work.

*Blend & Galvanic Hair Removal Theory... 3 Hours 


For skin preparation and post treatments — includes negative and positive polarities used with skin products, how to check for the correct polarity of products to be used with either negative or positive phoresis. Some of these techniques have produced amazing results for our clients. Includes demonstration Complete concept of combination-of-currents modality. Explanation of Units of Lye Chart as it applies to traditional analog blend epilators as well as how it relates to new programmable digital design epilators. Explanation of two blend techniques, continuous and pulsating blends. Variables in probe selection for blend modality, as well as, areas where the blend method should be the modality of choice. Includes demonstration

Additional Onsite Workshops:

Blend Workshop... 6 Hours 

Laser/IPL state approved 30 hour course.  Call for schedule.